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Scalar Wave Laser

This is an amazing tool I received as a FREE promotional gifts when I purchased my biofeedback device. I love to share this gift with my clients. It has multiple setting but the one I use the most is the unwind on the adrenals. I haven't found anyone that doesn't need a little unwinding. I second favorite is the chakra's setting to open up your heart and throat. The benefits of having an open heart chakra are endless.

                                        $35 for 1/2 HOUR 
                                Scalar Wave Laser Session
                        FREE biofeedback Demonstration

The scientific information on the way the laser works:

The Scalar Laser is our main quantum healing cold laser unit. It has 16 laser diodes in the 650nm or red spectrum, and in the 780nm or infra red spectrum. We also include special high powered narrow beam width violet LED's or light emitting diodes.

This soft healing laser system also comes with a fully digital interface modeled after a cell phone. There is a built in battery with an accompanying charger which enable the user to recharge the unit when necessary. The Scalar Wave Laser system also has a plug in to enable the system to output via any one of the unique Scalar Laser Pulsar Probes.

A session with just the laser are usually $35-$50 per session. I use my laser on each of my clients for free as an added benefit to the biofeedback session. 

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