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Barbara Laureyns



Barbara Laureyns
 Certified Biofeedback Technician 
Reiki Master

Barbara Laureyns has been a native of Pittsfield’s since 1964. Barbara graduated from Our Lady of the Elms with double major in Marketing and Information systems (computer programming). She worked at Berkshire Medical Center for 12 yrs until she left to get married and have children. Her Holistic journey began in the summer of 2000 with an introduction to yoga. Her yoga teacher  told her about  biofeedback after trying it for herself and seeing it worth her husband bought her the device.  During the training process she also acquired her spiritual healing license, as well as, training with the Scalar Wave Laser.  The biofeedback worked so well for her ADHD children and family she felt a calling to share it with the community.   She has received her Reiki master’s in April 2013. Barbara loves to share her gifts with anyone she encounters it fills her heart.  

Barbara Laureyns
54 Meadow Ridge Dr.
Pittsfield, MA 01201




 Office is located at:

54 Meadow Ridge Dr. Pittsfield, MA 01201413-441-6684


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